Blending Bar

Customizable Retail & Back Bar

Essential Oil Blending Bar

For Spa Owners. By Spa Owners.

By Spa Owners. For Spa Owners.

As a business owner, do you struggle with…

Lost Profits?
Overspending & Excess Product?
Low Margins?
Inadequate Support from Suppliers?
Client Dissatisfaction?
High Reorder Minimums?
Insufficient Therapeutic Benefit?
Inferior Quality Products?

Customize treatments to give your clients the unique wellness results they deserve!

Here’s how we can help!

Increased Profits

It is common for practitioners to overuse backbar products, increasing your costs.  We offer easy to use recipes that eliminates overuse of essential oils and educate your staff on proper dilution and use.

Decreased Spending & Waste

Do you constantly find yourself with multiple bottles of massage oil scented differently that takes up valuable space and often goes to waste? WIth our blending bar, each client can have their own custom treatment oil based on their personal preference and current needs. Each personally blended 2oz oil can be used in the treatment room, then the remainder given to the client to take home. This is a great way to give your clients personallized treatments that they can continue at home.

Ongoing Support

More and more wholesale companies on the market are out of touch with the reality of what your clients are willing to spend in the retail area of a service-based business.  Have you found yourself discounting merchandise just to move it out?  We’ve been there too.  This is why we have priced our retail organic essential oils and blending bar products to allow you to benefit from 50%+ margins and MSRPs that keep clients satisfied before discounts.  Our products are only available for purchase in our partner spas and wellness centers.

Increased Profits

Many wholesale companies have a buy and sell mentality.  As spa/ wellness center owners ourselves, we appreciate companies that go above and beyond to help us help our customers.  What we won’t do: sell through third parties at a discount behind your back, hound you for reorders, lose touch completely after you’ve made an order, or share your information.  What we promise to do:  provide ongoing support, provide easy to follow recipes for blends, help to teach your staff to create custom blends, offer assistance in retail set up if desired, and promote your business to our followers.

Client Retention

As service providers, our number one goal is to have happy and satisfied clients who cannot wait to come back for more.  Many scrubs that we tried in the treatment room were either too dry or too oily.  They crumbled all over the floor, stuck to everyone’s feet, and ended up all over the spa, or they left the client feeling heavy and greasy with oil.  Our creamy scrub is exfoliating and goes on smoothly and evenly like lotion.  It’s moisturizing without being greasy, and it is a breeze to wipe off and clean up.

Low Reorder Minimums

We understand the need to test out products in varying regional markets.  Our minimum reorder amount is $100, and you can mix and match any of our products that suit your needs.

Enhanced Therapeutic Benefit

As a spa or wellness center owner, we know it’s important to you to deliver relief and therapeutic results to your clients.  Our Blending Bar in a Box allows for not only the customization to aid the client’s ailment in the moment, but it also allows the client to actively participate in their own wellbeing, which is lacking from many wellness establishments today.  We take pride in choosing only the highest quality organic essential oils, so your clients can rest assured knowing that the products by Bodhi+Sol contain no fillers or harmful ingredients.

High Quality Natural Products

In a wellness setting, your clients’ health and wellbeing is of upmost importance.  This is why Bodhi+Sol products contain no synthetics, are cruelty free, vegan, soy free, gluten free, alcohol free, paraben free, mineral oil free, sls/ sulfate free, formaldehyde free, and are gc/ms tested. We only utilize certified Organic Essential Oils in our products and we thoroughly research all ingredients before choosing the highest quality.
We strive to provide our clients with quality and affordable products that are effective. We look forward to helping your business grow and giving you the tools to support your clients’ wellness needs.

Do you want to give your clients a customized wellness experience in which they can actively participate?

Why Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are a versatile way to add a high margin item with great therapeutic benefits for your clients. Essential Oils can be used in massage, facials, and other body treatments, diffused in your space, sold as retail, customized for gifts, and more!

Essential oils offer a variety of therapeutic benefits through topical application and aromatic diffusion.  Organic essential oils undergo a careful process of steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing to produce the purest and most powerful possible essential oils.  The efficacy of these botanical extractions is of upmost importance to us at Bodhi + Sol, and we guarantee only the highest quality of potent organic essential oils.

Organic essential oils have the ability to promote, nourish, and supplement a healthier way of life.

Take your services to the next therapeutic level.

Why Bodhi+Sol?

We are spa owners ourselves and completely understand how difficult it can be to run your business effectively. We founded Bodhi+Sol to help spa owners, like you, avoid the typical frustrations of retail sales.

In a spa or wellness setting, the demand for quality and non-toxic products is high.  However, we often found ourselves having a hard time finding high quality organic essential oils and natural body products that didn’t break our budget. Additionally, we noticed that we were purchasing a ton of varying backbar products in order to meet our clients’ personal needs. Many of these backbar items were rarely used and reached their rancidity long before they were empty, wasting hundreds of dollars in lost product.

The disconnect between what we needed and what was available prompted us to source our own products. After some long hours and 3am brainstorms, Bodhi+Sol was finally born.

Bodhi= awakening, enlightenment, tree of life, “body”

Sol= sun, life giving, “soul”

“We truly believe in taking care of our clients complete wellness needs {Body & Soul} by tailoring our unique treatments to individualize their therapeutic benefit. ” -Allyson & Chelsea

A little about us…

Allyson is a Physical Therapist specializing in women’s health & nutrition, a professional yoga therapist, mom, & entrepreneur.  She likes to be in nature, and stray animals always seem to find their way to her door.  She loves fruity wine, brownies, and avocados.

Chelsea is a holistic nutritional counselor, mom, & entrepreneur.  She lives part of her life up on the stage as a musical theatre performer, she loves red wine, and puts nutritional yeast on everything (well, not on the wine).

Together, we own City Wellness in St. Augustine, FL, an 8,000 sq ft wellness center & yoga studio with 10 treatment rooms, 2 yoga studios, and 2 retail areas. Our services include yoga & pilates classes, massages, facials, ayurvedic treatments, acupuncture, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, infrared sauna, natural nails, and more.

After 5 years, 4 expansions, and 1 complete relocation we understand the importance of staying within a budget while boosting client satisfaction.  We have a passion for helping people, which keeps us driving toward creating and refining their wellness experience.

Join us in giving your clients a wellness experience they won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Elevate your offerings and margins with our Blending Bar in a Box.