Wooden Ultrasonic Diffuser


Our elegant diffusers will transform any space into a serene, spa-like setting. Enhance your mood with optional light therapy to relax or uplift.
Fill with water, add your oil(s) of choice, and enjoy the therapeutic and aromatic effects of our organic essential oils.


120ml Ultrasonic diffuser with color changing light and wall plug.  Choose between a slow color-changing glow, one color, or no light. Appropriate for approximately 175 sq ft room. Anti-dry auto shutoff protects you and your family.

For Misting Mode:
Press M (mist) button to turn on continuous mist mode. Press twice to turn on intermittent mist mode or press a third time to turn off.

For Light Mode:
Press L (lights) button once for a slow colof-changing glow. Press again to stop on a specific color or press a third time to turn light off.

Weight: 12.3oz
Dimensions: 6 inches tall and 4 inches diameter

Additional information

Weight 16 oz

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